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Candle Coasters

Candle Coasters

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Candle & Hot/Cold Beverage Mat

This is a handmade quilted coaster to burn your candles on! Amaze your guests while protecting your home and work surfaces from heated objects like container candles and beverage mugs. Each coaster has two protective layers: cotton-wool batting on the outside, and an inner layer made of Insul-Bright insulated lining, which works to reflects heat back to the source. Made using 100% cotton fabrics.

We receive new designs occasionally, so check back soon!

How does it work?

These coasters protect your surfaces using an insulated liner made of metallized polyester (shown in photos) 

Care Instructions

Machine wash using cold water (to prevent fading) and tumble dry on low heat

Meet the Creator

Coasters handmade in New Jersey by TerryB Quilts

Safety Warnings


Used for protecting surfaces from heat by placing lit candle or hot or cold beverage on top of the mat. Candle coasters are heat resistant, but not fireproof or flame resistant. As always, never leave a burning candle unattended. Always burn candles at a safe distance from skin/hair, clothing, pets, children, and all other flamable objects. Do not microwave, as insulation consists of metallized polyester, which could melt or spark in the microwave. 

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