Frequently Asked Questions

1. What materials are used in the candles and jars? Are they safe?

Visit our Supplies page for information on where our wax, fragrance oils, and other supplies are sourced.

2. What do the "fragrance notes" mean?

The 'notes' are the individual scents you are smelling, categorized into three layers: TOP - this represents the immediate aroma, the fragrances you are smelling first. MIDDLE - at the 'heart' of the fragrance's note profile, these notes are constant and make up most of what you are smelling. BASE - the 'lingering' notes create the lasting impression, especially while the candle is in "cool down". The base/bottom notes should blend with the middle notes for a smooth finish.

3. Why do the candles look frosty?

You guessed it, candle makers call this "frosting" and is virtually unavoidable with soy wax. However, this will not impact the quality or effectiveness of the candle, as frosting is only a cosmetic defect. But it's for that reason, many soy wax candle makers choose not to dye their candles and instead leave them naturally white. Bigger candle companies might be able to avoid frosting in their colored soy candles, but this is due to additives in the wax. However, we value a clean burning candle, so we do not use such additives.

4. Are your candles safe for my pets?

Our candles are made using fragrances that are free from any carcinogens known to be harmful to humans and pets. Please note: If caring for a pet, use extreme caution before lighting a candle around them. Some animals such as birds, are known to be highly sensitive to fragrance and smoke, no matter how clean the burn is! Some essential oils are also known to be harmful, even when being diffused, so please check your candle's list of essential oils before lighting so we can protect our furry/feathered friends!

5. Why doesn't the candle burn evenly?

Different variables can cause your candle to burn unevenly, including condition of the wick and temperature of the surrounding environment. The most common reason is the candle is not being lit for a long period of time. For best results, please follow the Candle Burning Tips below. If the candle still doesn't burn evenly, message us and we'll help you out!

Still have questions?

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Candle Burning Tips

A. Make sure the wick is trimmed before lighting the candle each time. They say 1/4" works best. You don't want your wick too long, as this could cause the candle to burn too hot, give off a lot of smoke, or get soot all over the glass. Trim your wick or just pluck off the burnt end, and do this before EVERY burn!

B. Let the candle burn for a long enough time. Each time you light the candle, you should let it burn long enough to create a "melt pool" of wax that covers the entire surface of the top of the candle. In other words, the melted/liquid wax under the flame should reach edge-to-edge in the jar. This is necessary for the candle to properly throw its fragrance, as well as burn evenly. Some even say the candle wax has 'muscle memory' and it's important to do this the very first time you light your candle.

C. Don't let the candle burn for too long! Warning labels on candles typically say 4 hours max, but I recommend snuffing it out after 5 hours.

D. Check for any debris inside the candle. Remove any dirt or pieces of wick before lighting. After the candle has cooled, you may cap it to prevent any debris from falling inside between burns.

E. Check your environment, make sure there isn't a lot of air flow around the candle. You don't need a fan to give off the fragrance, that's what the flame is for! Soy wax candles need to burn nice and hot to work effectively. For that reason, they also don't burn so well outside in Winter weather.

F. If all else fails, and your candle continues "tunneling" try heating up the wax with a hair dryer to melt the excess wax. Then pour out the melted wax, and continue this process until you have a flat surface inside the jar, and there is at least a 1/4" of wick exposed. Or, you may also scoop out any extra wax around the wick, as it is relatively soft. Be SAFE when doing any of this!


Candles are a fire hazard! Fire is hot! Fire is dangerous! So be smart, use these candles responsibly, and follow my guide above. Never leave a candle lit while it is unattended, while you are in the other room, or while you are sleeping. Keep the candle a safe distance away from flammable objects, children, and pets. Only burn on a clean, level, fire resistant surface. Do not try to smell a lit candle, you could burn your face! Do not pour melted wax on anyone, or on any materials that may get stained by the dye. The dyes used in coloring the candles WILL stain, so be careful not to spill the melted wax! Also, contrary to what you might be thinking, none of our products are edible! So do NOT eat the candles, they are NOT food!