Materials we use in our candles

All materials sourced in the USA



All Soy Candle Guy fragrances are sold in 8oz glass jars. Once the candle has finished, the jars can be reused after washing with normal soap and hot water. The glass is provided by a local and environment-friendly supplier. The company is also a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Read for more information on where our jars are sourced, and visit:

Soy Wax

The candles you see here plant-based, made only using 100% soy wax! If you are new to soy candles, soy wax is basically a vegetable oil, but it is white and flaky at room temperature (Yes, technically the un-fragranced wax is edible, and yes, I've tried it!). So it's more of an oil than a wax, and has certain benefits over using other waxes like paraffin. Many candlemakers prefer to work with soy wax because it is a natural, clean burning, LONG burning, and it's a renewable resource! Soy wax also has a lower melting point, making it easier to work with and "throw" fragrance under high heat. Remember this during hot weather, the wax will start melting at only 113F degrees! The wax in SoyCandleGuy's candles are derived from sustainably sourced soy beans.

Please note: If you are allergic to soy and soybean products, you should be able to enjoy these candles without issue. Most reactions from soy occur when it is ingested. As always, avoid your face, avoid touching the wax directly, and wash hands after handling the candles. 

Read on for more information on where our soy wax is sourced, and visit:


These candles are safe! Every single candle was made using trustworthy, clean-burning fragrances that are 100% phthalate free, and free from any other carcinogens known to be harmful to humans and pets. All fragrances used by SoyCandleGuy are IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certified, and adhere to the guidelines set by the RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Materials).

Please note: Although safe, the candles are not for consumption! Our candles may contain a variety of essential oils used to fragrance the wax. If you have allergies to certain fragrances or plants, use caution, avoid your face, and wash hands after handling. Each product description comes with a list of essential oils used in the candle. 

Please note: If caring for a pet, use extreme caution before lighting a candle around them. Some animals such as birds, are known to be highly sensitive to fragrance and smoke, no matter how clean the burn is! Some essential oils are also known to be harmful, even when being diffused, so please check your candle's list of essential oils before lighting so we can protect our furry/feathered friends!

Read on for more information about compliancy with IFRA standards, and visit:


When cooled to its solid state, soy wax is naturally white. However, most of the candles here are dyed to create vibrant color tones. Color is used to compliment the fragrances you are smelling for a more connected, natural feel. The beautiful pop of color in our candles comes from dyes that were made specifically for candle wax. All dyes used are phthalate-free, toxin-free, free from any carcinogens. And just like our soy wax, they are also vegan friendly!

Please note: These dyes are highly concentrated, so they WILL stain if you spill melted wax on anything fabric, not to mention the stain from the oil alone. If you get any on your hands or clothing, wash immediately and avoid getting anything on your face.


Soy Candle Guy uses wicks of the "stabilo" type, which are flat-braided, coreless wicks made of cotton, woven with shreds of paper throughout and coated in wax. They are special hot-burning wicks designed specifically for delivering you that fragrance from soy wax! Wick thickness is selected appropriately based on the vessel your candle comes in.  


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Candles are a fire hazard! Fire is hot! Fire is dangerous! So be smart, use these candles responsibly, and follow my guide above. Never leave a candle lit while it is unattended, while you are in the other room, or while you are sleeping. Keep the candle a safe distance away from flammable objects, children, and pets. Only burn on a clean, level, fire resistant surface. Do not try to smell a lit candle, you could burn your face! Do not pour melted wax on anyone, or on any materials that may get stained by the dye. The dyes used in coloring the candles WILL stain, so be careful not to spill the melted wax! Also, contrary to what you might be thinking, none of our products are edible! So do NOT eat the candles, they are NOT food!